Peter and Rosa’s work is inspired by stories, fantasy, and humour. They work from their home studio in Usquert, where they work both independently and collaborate on projects. Fascinated by the concept of transformation, they fuse new materials with carefully selected antiques or reclaimed treasures to create one-of-a-kind, sculptural pieces, some of which have a practical function.

Peter. Partly growing up in West Africa without television, Peter relied on books, particularly about art, to feed his imagination. He used to sit and watch local artisans making their products using simple materials and loved the process of creating something with your hands. He moved to The Netherlands at age 14 and studied fashion and theatre. At home he started making sculptures from pieces of discarded wood and solidified his passion for wood as a medium when he worked in a team building an authentic reconstruction of a 12th century ship. Peter continues to work mainly in wood and is inspired by the beauty of natural flowing forms, which he aims to bring in to his artwork. He encourages the viewer to touch and feel his sculptures and thereby experience the heart and soul of each piece.

Rosa. Born in England, Rosa has lived most of her life in West Africa and The Netherlands. Motivated to maximise her life experiences, Rosa's changing professions range from spending years in a national park studying wild chimpanzees to working in senior management positions. Throughout her different careers though, art has remained a constant passion which she has expressed through painting for many years. Rosa likes to explore ways of mixing materials, particularly used objects, to create new forms that have a playful humour and usually a blend of vibrant colours. She loves the challenge of taking something old or ordinary and transforming it in to something fresh and new. She aims to create pieces that make the viewer reconsider their perception of an object or subject and perhaps even chuckle.

The name NOMOLI comes from the mysterious soapstone sculptures found in Sierra Leone, West Africa, that tell of an advanced ancient civilization, dating back to 17,000 BC. Although the origin of these statues remains unclear, legends say that NOMOLI may be the work of spiritual beings, representative of ancestral heritage or perhaps even fallen angels.